Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eye of the Beholder

Johnny had finished his project and scurried to the desk of his teacher to request praise.

"Sister Mary Judas! I've finished! It's good don't you think?"

The aged nun studied the drawing for some time and then said, "Why red Johnathan? I've asked you to produce a painting demonstrating the color of sin and you've drawn a man covered in red!"

"It's the fires of hell surrounding the wicked man sister. If you sin you are consumed by hell and damnation! Isn't that so?"

"Yes John, it is so, but the sin itself is black; it makes a black mark on your soul. You can do better on this assignment. Try again son!"

Johnny hung his head, slipped his paper from the desk and returned to his seat... but was back within a few minutes.

"Alright John, let's see what you've..." Sister paused; "Why it's the very same drawing! I hope you have an explanation for this young man."

"I do Sister" the boy said; "This is my dad and for beating my mom and me every day God sent an angel down from heaven to rip all the flesh off his wicked, wicked bones, one strip at a time. This is a picture of him taken just before he's sent to hell where Satan will pour hot tar on him, turning him from red to black!"

The nun could only stare, her mouth, paralyzed, her wits scrambled.

"You said every work of art has many interpretations Sister" John continued; "you saw red, but I saw only darkness."

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