Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mystery Box

I once found a box wherein mystery languished
A tour for one’s whimsy, a tune to one’s taste
An attic had kept it from eyes bent on prying
And wits prone to paraphrase meaningless waste 

A cranny awaited a pick of my making
A clip prized by paper, bent into a key
Once clicked and dis-guarded the lid opened freely
then contents were pried and deciphered with glee

Atop lay a hat with the face of a penguin
Embroidered above a most pointed orange bill
A fine feather duster lay closely beside it
And within that down was an old pepper mill

I dug down a layer and found a half candle
In red white and blue, as a barber shop pole
A pair of steel handcuffs and badge on a stick pin
Two chopsticks, five napkins and one fingerbowl.

And there at the bottom lay two spiral notebooks
One penned in blue crayon, the other in green
The first, titled “Truth”, seemed a bit torn and haggard
The second, “Life’s Falsehoods”, was far more pristine.

Perhaps someone normal would find this a junk pile
A box of mixed rubbish, a carton of crud
But I, (somewhat cockeyed) could see the whole story
And here I will make crystal clear what seems mud!

This woman, (let’s call her Amanda for instance)
Once bored by her husband, looked elsewhere for cheer
She roamed online chat rooms in search of adventure
But found men myopic, and stinking of beer

Amanda was saddened, so left for the country
A day at the zoo, she thought, might make her smile
‘twas there that she met him, Adolphus the penguin
a non flying bird with a penchant for guile

So struck by his manner, she spent the day watching
As her new friend waddled and preened near the ducks
Near dusk she determined that Adolph was dreamy
(most any girl fawns o’er a man in a tux)

She snatched the old bird and she ran to her Audi
She drove like a madwoman racing a ghost
And once at her home she and Adolph stole softly
Into the gray basement where she might play host

Poor Adolph was coated with road grit and powder
(Amanda had driven a long unpaved street)
A fine feather duster was put to the purpose
(He giggled when brushed on the soles of his feet)

Once cleaned to her liking, Amanda made dinner
“Fine sushi” she sang, “I’ll use chopsticks for mine!”
Adolphus was happy, if not a bit sloppy
Five napkins he’d need, when the couple would dine.

Of course the old husband would soon note an odor
“The house smells like fish!” he was heard to exclaim
Amanda was worried the grump would discover
Her passionate animal husbandry game

So pinned with a badge that read “Dog Catcher Mandy”
She clunked her man’s skull with a brass peppermill
Then handcuffed the sod to a pipe in his workroom
And gagged his poor mouth with a dominant’s skill

As days turned to weeks our Amanda found pleasure
in pleasing the fine feathered beast in her home
She’d bath him in ice water, toss him dead herring
And show him her pictures of Venice and Rome

In barber pole candle light she’d read him stories
Of penguins and boobys and walrus’s too
And she’d keep a fingerbowl filled with chopped tuna
To give her true love constant morsels to chew.

The notebooks you ask? There is little to tell you
Of “Truth” Mandy wrote “I can do what I please!”
Each page contained daydreams like “I’ll be a dancer!”
Or “I can eat doughnuts while on the trapeze!”

The great book of “Falsehoods” was somewhat a mystery
For only one page was inscribed by her hand
It said “There are rules that a person must follow”
And “All we will be, has already been planned.”

Now I’ve heard Antarctica has a new boarder
Amanda took Adolph to visit his folks.
She’d sewn a beaked hat so she’d look like a cousin
And learned a few dozen fat sea lion jokes.