Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hail the Gods of Grape Juice

It’s been a few millennium since monsters plied the seas
since the world was more a pancake than a ball
Then lived gods of every discipline, of pointed expertise
every pantheon appeared a cattle call

There were gods of grape and orange juice, and gods of golden toads
there were deities with several arms and legs
every country had a god of war immortalized in odes
penned as offerings from its own mortal dregs

But now within our modern world we have but two or three
and an argument that they might be but one
What happened to the others? Are there piles of god debris?
Don’t they know that having lots of gods was fun?

If you had a thing for oceans, say, Poseidon’d be your guy
not a generalist that covers all the bases
It was cool to have the Valkyries come calling when you die
not a chanting cleric mumbling of God’s graces

It’s the wonderment that’s missing, there’s no drama to be had
there’s no plotting and conniving in the heavens
It’s just “happiness and gaiety, rejoice! Let’s all be glad!”
Never “Zeus kills Aries! See it at eleven!” (s)

There was something grand in worshiping a multitude of gods
disillusionment in one was no big thing
you’d just dump the hack and choose anew from bevies of old sods
having faith was less “one spouse” than “summer fling”

Yet in this present century the pantheons have fled
here the “one true God” is claimed by each in turn
And too many of those followers will make the streets run red
on the notion that non devotees should burn

It’s a bitter pill I swallow, one devoid of candy coat
to believe today means everlasting love
I have lost my own ability to honor and devote
I am dead within the singleness above

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  1. Such a jolly poem until the last turn, then it becomes sad. You have a mighty skill, my friend.