Monday, April 23, 2012

The Curse of Carrionclaw

Darian knew they shouldn’t have come. The haunting of Moorley Manor was well documented, and even in daylight one risked a frightful death by treading its halls. And now hope seemed lost; two foul beasts chasing them, the nearby heavy wooden entry door closed and likely locked!

Sarah reached it first, twisted the handle to no avail, screamed and finally began to pound on the 12 panel oak obstruction. Then, a curious thing happened. The creatures stopped advancing and began to pirouette in place!

“Keep banging” Darian shouted as he grabbed a butler’s table, raised it over his head and smashed it to the floor.

Grabbing the table’s top, he ran for the door and turned the bolt. As Sarah threw wide the massive portal Darian snatched a walking stick from the entryway brelly stand and beat upon his three square meters of wood in a steady pattern.

“What’s happening” shouted Sarah in terror as she slipped outside and made her way down the short flight of concrete stairs to the circular drive and their 1962 Citroen sedan.

“We’re in luck” replied Darian; “we’re being hunted by Knockturnal creatures! So long as I keep knocking they have no choice but to spin. Now run!”

Glipglop growled under his breath and whined to his brother Carrionclaw as they both turned round and round, “damn this curse anyway! It’s bad enough we won’t eat tonight, but do we have to look so stupid while we’re starving?”  

Carrionclaw howled. “I swear I’m gonna kill that witch!”

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