Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dance of the New Moon

Church bells are ringing the start of tomorrow
the wind softly whispers a cello’s refrain
I lean on her headstone and focus my vision
on trees turned to pillars and dew to champagne

A ballroom appears in the fog of the darkness
a marble and crinoline draperied affair
I look past the ladies and fops in attendance
to witness her beauty atop the grand stair

She waits for my hand and we step through the awestruck
I motion “conductor, begin if you please”
and there I bow deeply as she gently curtsies
then once in my arms we step lightly by threes

We dance for the time that we promised each other
to be joined together ‘till death did we part
We dance for the laughter and tears we shared gladly
We dance that she knows she is still in my heart

Upon the clock striking the next early hour
the drapes turn to moss and dried grass coats the floor
I bid her adieu as I kiss her cold marker
and promise to dance each new moon, evermore.

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