Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strangers at Last

Thirty long years and a lifetime ago
I gave you my love for a time
its truth is my shackle, my reticent woe
that my heart could be held for that crime
I've been witness to horrors unspeakable here
and stretched to my limits collecting your tears
so please have a kindness, extinguish your glow
I've forgotten the man of my prime

Why can't you believe me, I'm begging my sweet
I am not who you think I was then
It's long since I've made a life prowling the street
and I'll not stride the boardwalk again
it crushes me you've been abused since we touched
but I can't cure your heartache, though wanting as much
long past I could carry the world at your feet
but alas, I'm no longer ten men

I offered my ear, you demanded my life
I've but one and it's given away
you missed the whole point, it is not of my wife
I refuse to come yonder to play
Yes our memory gives you a certain release
but my past is a universe, you, but one piece
and you've now turned your fantasy into the knife
that has bled us, the strangers we'll stay

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