Saturday, May 26, 2012

Crystal Tears

They prism, as crystal; the tears of an angel
once rare as the leaves on a frost covered tree
now commonplace really, these trifles of sadness
they weep for the innocent's deep misery

The children are kidnapped to serve as an army
the children are taken to serve as their slaves
the children are wired to massacre children
the children are piled in the deepest of graves

We've come now full circle, from pond scum to pond scum
we've lost what was civilized, cowed to the fear
too oft' turned our heads from the plight of those ravaged
'till anger's come calling on those we hold dear

The angels are trying, they do what they're able
supporting a few that support a few more
yet they're not immune to the scenes of our slaughter
and one day e'en angels will fly from our shore

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