Sunday, May 27, 2012

Down a Single Lane

Well I'd hoped to pass acquaintance
yea, I thought we could be friends
sure I know that's silly sounding; I'm just slow to comprehend
it was feeling fine that kept this lie a few days overdue
I'm just sorry that I spent it all on you.

I'd just noticed things in common
it was really my mistake
I had thought to share a cause or two, to play at give and take
I admit to my distraction, it was selfish on my part
I thought you could help me heal this bleeding heart

It's all the harder to imagine
never having seen your face
that we'd ever come to care for real, beyond this fictioned place
It's a sickness that I live with; always want more than can be
It's the stone my life is built on, you're my next futility

What it is I have to offer
would not be enough reward
I will only entertain you as I'm falling on my sword
If it's seldom that I offer love, the reasons all are here
each new breakaway just makes my life more clear

It's a worthiness connection
It's the fear to go alone
it's the days of watching only wind, and hearing only moan
it's what drives me to compete again, for others precious time
and to pen an endless stream of pointless rhyme

Well, I'd offer an apology
if I was in the wrong
but my wishing's not the issue, just my giving up that song
I had hoped to pass acquaintance but I know that's not to be
so with open arms I set your image free