Saturday, June 30, 2012

Perhaps The Cut

Perhaps the cut is the poetry, and the rest
perhaps it's the moment of curiosity caused by
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the decision to make
the call to act, or ignore

the silent..."Thank God"
less clutter to sort through
no deciphering necessary
no judgment to make
less time consumed in senseless, always annoying scrolling
names in a phone book
some friends, peers, compatriots
others, telemarketers, selling hogwash by the ethereal ream
the cut is the greatest gift of all
allowing preconceptions saves hours of mental dentist drill

Or maybe (read more...) is a well tied bow
a bright ribbon to pull
opening a package with your name tagged onto it,
written in invisible ink.
a gift of one mind reaching toward another
could be diamonds
could be underwear
could be the family joke tie that looks like a lamprey eel
but either way it's the holding one's breath at the moment of unveiling
and the rush that follows; whether joy, indifference or
It's the understanding that you are among only a handful of people
out of near 6 billion
that have been offered a chance to see these works of art
and possibly last

Perhaps the cut is the poetry, and the rest

Yea. Perhaps.

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