Monday, June 25, 2012

When Last

When last did we speak kindly, was it really all that long ago
weren't we just walking hand in hand along our private beach?
Was it too easy for us then, is it together we can't grow
have we allowed our fears to move us from each other's reach?

When last did we give quarter to each other's eccentricities
has time replaced forgiveness with the ease of blind contempt?
Has what we once thought fetching now been branded mere toxicities
as too long our relationship lay fallow and unkempt

When last did we go softly, lay a kiss upon each other's cheek
Oh, has the air become so cold our lips are frozen shut
Or is this just the downward slide of love that long had known it's peak
alas I fear this truth be known, the harsh unkindest cut

When last did we speak plainly, words that had no hidden meaning saved
or were we always cryptic and our trust would break the code
could now you speak your mind at last and set aside the well behaved
indifference seems a penalty, some secret penance owed

When last did we approach the truth and look into each other's souls
Have I the strength to climb your walls I wonder, yet again
what was the slight that startled you, and changed our fire to snapping coals
what were the words that frightened you, and set aside your pen

When last did we express our love, have we no comfort left to share?
What caused our failure to commence, how could we let it go
I'll not forget your eager smile, your rush to soothe, your need to care
and I'll but hope you'll not lay waste, those things of me you know.

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