Thursday, July 26, 2012

Betty Lou's Impatience

Jack Billmore was not a good dancer, to that he would freely admit. But, as he would confide to his friends, his lack of grace should not mean that he'd be penalized for life; never having the opportunity to trip the light fantastic with the chick of his choice, or press chest to breast while wobbling about a polished tile floor.

That his father was wealthy helped his chances. Girls were reticent to turn down his requests, even though they were assured of leaving the ballroom with bruised ankles and scuffed shoes. It was simply a matter of economics. That was until Betty Lou Bablunski came to town.

Betty Lou had not yet been accepted into a Poncho Villa Middle School clique, and so had not heard of Jack's inability to walk and chew gum at the same time. It's no surprise then, when Jack asked for her hand during a school dance hip hop medley, she happily accepted, hoping her action would finally break the ice and see her popularity rise.

It wasn't until the sixth time Jack stomped on her right toes that Betty Lou felt compelled to warn her partner of her prowess in the pugilistic arts. Jack could only giggle, the idea of a 13 year old female boxer seemed so cute. That was his downfall, as while giggling he failed to watch his feet and kicked Betty Lou square in her right shin.

A gurney was needed to take Jack's limp body from the gym turned ballroom that night, and another for Bobby Phelps, yet another for Fred Wannamaker and a fourth for the principal, Mister Hanks. Betty Lou had gotten her wish; at this dance she'd indeed broken the ice.

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