Sunday, July 22, 2012

MUWOD for 7-22-12

Made Up Word Of the Day


Hypotenutistic: "High-potten-oooo-tis'tick" {Adjective} The act of taking unfair advantage of others by the use of a well placed hypotenuse. Imbued with hypotenutism*.

(* hypotenutism noun A policy of aggressive hypotenuse preparedness.)

eg: I'd covered all the right angles, when suddenly from my opponent there came a straight line, connecting each of my rules to the other, defacing my symbolism, changing it's meaning entirely by slanting it to the left! It was a hypotenutistic move of grave proportions and one that cannot be forgiven!

Root Var: "I'd always been right, both vertically and horizontally, until I was flagrantly hypotenused!"

"She was a flaming right wing hypotenutist! Show her a left leaning divergence and she'd smother it with an immediate, opposing rectilineal traversal!"

"The professor hypotenized his eastern European student's angular puss, so as to make it less a distraction to the assembled round facers.

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