Monday, July 9, 2012

A Thousand Keys

Tell me of your story, spin a tale or two about your past
were you the girl in braided hair that climbed the tallest trees?
Find some little anecdote and list the music, crew and cast
why, you must know a thousand doors, and own a thousand keys

Show me what you've witnessed, let me hear the squeals of running kids
who've stolen a tomato from old Missus Johnson's yard
speak to me of childhood dreams, of cowboy hats and pyramids
and tell me all the movies in which (your name) should have starred

Tell me little funny things, like all the times you played the fool
with costumes made from bedsheets and on cardboard castle thrones
show me all the places you might go when skipping Sunday school
and gardens you might hide in when you need to be alone

Find me little puppies or a garden snake if thats your choice
come play a hand of crazy eights or tell me to "go fish"
draw your best discovery or touch me with your saddest voice
tell me what you know you said, yet what you truly wished

Give me just a hint of what you looked like as an innocent
ride bicycles or make a fort, leave rooms in disarray
or laugh at some debacle, write a tale of two predicaments
and how your unknown genius rose to finally save the day

Tell me of your story and I'll give you bits of mine as well
I know we could just go from here, but there contains your truth
those shards of wistful mem'ry are the stone of lands in which we dwell
and more than silly stories told by poets long in tooth


  1. If I could spin tales of gold out of the straws of my memories as well as you do, then I'd probably write more...