Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I sit here tossing days away while having far too much to say
and seldom have I stopped to play around with words of you
my sandbox is a mystery to most who see it wistfully
but you have found it blissfully, you're one of very few.

I can't imagine how you cope with never ending hours of mope
but there you are calming this dope with love and understanding
You sometimes stun me with your grace, your speckled hair, your pretty face
You are the soul of Moorsby place, my helping notwithstanding

I wish I were a better man, more gentle with my biggest fan
I know I play barbarian at times, I seem relentless
And I'm not sure that you are right that if I banish all my fright
I'd be less interesting, less right, a bore were I lamentless

I DO know you deserve much more, you are the angel at my door
the soft edge of this minotaur, you should command my cool
for even that is less than most, less children's game, more leaning post
but lately even that's a ghost, I've been a worthless fool

I'd promise you if I'd the will but I've not tossed this bitter pill
I choke it, but it won't lay still, I guess the answer's time.
While I've no right to make a plea, I offer this reluctantly:
If you've the strength to wait and see, you may observe my prime

Know only that I've seen your light, your courage handling dynamite
I bless you for your second sight, the one that sees my heart
You have a gift, a gentle soul, in spite of me you make me whole
it's distant still but I've a goal, new waters I can chart

I'll try to make your life a place that even Freya would embrace
a warm and joyful little space, a blessing from above
It's all I have this wistful dream, that from my heart may pour a stream
of kindness, calm, a mellow theme that sings you all my love.

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