Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adolescent Logic

Jeff was bullied for most of his young life, by one boy in particular, Seth Barnes. Some days Seth would only glare and perhaps mouth the words "I'm gonna get you". Other days Jeff would be shoved or tripped or sent ass over teakettle by a punch to the back of the head. In Jeff's mind these were criminal acts, but there was little point in reporting them. No one cares about a kid being pushed around. His mother wouldn't have the time to talk about it, his father would be angry and shout at him to stand up for himself; his siblings wouldn't say anything at all, but inside they'd be ecstatic that it was Jeff and not them. So when Jeff stabbed Seth to death, he figured most everyone would be pretty pleased with him, except for Seth’s mom of course, but as gram always said, “you can’t please everyone.”

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