Monday, October 29, 2012

Culture Creep

Herbert Delmange was not a happy Bloodletter. Since the first zombie had been allowed to buy acreage inside the boundaries of Full Moon Township, property values had plummeted; which of course led to more zombies being able to afford their own plot. For decades Full Moon Meadows had been solely owned by Vampires and Lycanthropes. And then Bill Fleshrender had decided to pad his retirement nest egg by auctioning off his back 40 on Ebay.

"Who knew there was a wealthy zombie out there" Bill screamed as his neighbors burned down his house and blasted his family with silver bullets.

"Of course they're wealthy you moron, they've become computer programmers" Herbert chided his prisoner; "Why do you think they're always searching for brains! They're melted as fast as they can replace them!"

"I'm so sorry" Bill pleaded, "I didn't know!"

"Its too late for that now" Herb whispered as he pulled the trigger one last time. "We can't stop the zombification of Full Moon Meadows any more than we can keep the sun from rising. This neighborhood is going to Hell in a handbasket full of zombie parts, and Bill Fleshrender will go down in mythos as the fool who destroyed paradise."

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