Tuesday, October 30, 2012

For the Lack of Velcro

Mister Pins was just the numbers man, the CFO of sorts,
to whom you’d owe your first born if you “took it in the shorts”
But if you couldn’t square with Pins, you’d best be runnin’ fast
as once old Pins passed on your name, each day might be your last.

A killer known as Needles was the chairman of the board
he took it quite unkindly if you’d rummaged through his hoard
When Mister Needles came for you, you’d best be far away
or have an army close at hand to act as your valet

But one fine day a lawman came to whip things into shape
A tough young broad, a mean beyatch, a Miss TwoSided Tape
She found the crooks together and she beat them to the ground
then she sat on Pins and Needles ‘till her backup came around.

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