Friday, October 26, 2012

For the Love of Billy

Sarah Jean had studied through many midnights to learn each word. She had searched the entire grounds of Cardsworth Manor to find all the floral ingredients. And she had dutifully created her own beeswax candles, marbled with her own blood. Once studying her brother Lentil’s schedule she found the perfect time and place to perform her most important spell. It seemed that Billy Benington would be spending the night in Lentil’s treehouse, totally within flummery range of the manor’s widow’s walk.

And there, just after dark did Sarah Jean perform the love’s bliss enchantment.

It was a lucky thing that she was neither seen nor heard that night, as a single mispronounced phrase had changed her conjure from “love” to “lion”; a harmless quibble had not Billy been so hungry that he ate brother Lentil before leaping from the treehouse and running off into the forest.

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