Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gauze Lies

Scissors had put on a good show for the jury, clipping his sentences, shearing away whole portions of the prosecution's case; it looked as if his taking the stand was about to pay off. But the opposition had a surprise witness.

Prosecutor Lecturn stood and twisted his gooseneck in the direction of the bench. "If it please the court, we have just this moment come upon new and damning evidence, an eye witness to the assault has made herself available and at this time I would call one Miss Gauze to be sworn in."

Scissors snapped right out of his chair. "Gauze! he shouted at the top of his blades as the judge, his honorable Astringent, pounded his gavel and called for order. "You can't do this to me; Gauze lies! Everyone knows that! Why... you can see right through her!"

As the doors to Medical Drama Props Department Superior Court 35 swung open and the witness began her stroll toward the hot seat, the entire crowd gasped in unison. It was true. You
could see right through her!

"He cut me to the quick" Miss gauze mouthed as she passed by Tooth and Nail; "snip snip snip" she whispered toward Scissors as if goading him to reveal his malevolent side...
"Cut yourself outa this one baby"...

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