Sunday, October 28, 2012

Polly's Pucker

Polly wasn’t sure that her primping would help her situation. After all, inter-species relationships were frowned on throughout the animal kingdom, though for some reason the rules had been eased a bit toward those creatures who dated others with the same number of legs, or lack of them. In that she was safe, Harry had four legs alright, and what fine legs they were. Polly’s parents would squeal of course, but she couldn’t worry about them. After all her mother had rolled over and crushed to death at least 4 of her siblings, so she should expect her daughter to be a little… off kilter.

The girdle was in place, the rouge fluffed in, her mascara was perfectly tuned. All that was left was the lipstick. Polly pondered a moment, not sure if she wanted to take the chance at all. Rejection was never pleasant, so the least she could do was assure herself a little kissing. Polly the pig chose a lovely deep cherry with which to paint her lips. Harry the sheepdog might spurn her, sure, but first he’d lick that fruit flavor right off her face, and that was every bit worth the price of admission.

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