Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Proper is Proper

If I were a good boy I’d know what is right
no matter the distance, no matter which flight
the stairs are the method by which we descend
what’s proper is proper, and none shall transcend!

And yet I confess to a pleasure so bold
a penchant for cheating, a break from the mold
to most men the rail is a safety device
to me a good banister beats the stairs twice

I know it’s quite rude, yes I know I’m a pip
were we all under sail I’d be thrown off this ship
but I’m sorry for this, I just can’t bear to stride
when a glorious banister begs me to ride

You be one with the rat race, I’ll do this alone
I will suffer the punishment, cast from the grown
you may see me a child, and you’re welcome to that
but you’ll envy my giggle when I finally splat

Yes if I were a good boy I’d be one of you
with your anal retentive to-do lists askew
so reject me at will for escaping the frame
but a life without banisters makes one quite lame

1 comment:

  1. I haven't slid down a bannister for years. Now I want to.