Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some People Just Can't Get Enough

My lungs were burning, my legs cramping, near the end of my endurance and scared out of my wits. I dodged, he stayed with me. Even my seemingly superhuman leaping over obstacles didn’t phase him, it was like he was glued to my backside. I could feel his claws rasping at my shirt, smell the stench of rotted flesh and exposed organs. Finally, out of room, a 500 foot cliff before me, being eaten alive behind… I leapt, screaming, and fell, fell, fell, landed. Convulsing, I threw myself off the mattress and woke from the dream on the hard floor of my room.

I peered under the bed, spotting his beady little red eyes.

“What the hell is wrong with you” I said angrily, “don’t I play with you enough in the daytime?”

“I was bored” said my boogyman. “Go back to sleep and this time I’ll let you chase me!

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