Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Heads, One Heart

To the prompt "Whiskers"

The twins agreed on few things save the ease of their jobs. Robert the Goose and Filo of Flotsam had suffered through many arguments in their 27 years. Being joined at the torso would force one, or two in this case, to confront every petty thought and lightweight opinion imaginable with “he who shares my bowels”. And yet they had never come to blows, mostly because as Robert would twist his hips to strike at the head of Filo, Filo would be twisting the same hips back to strike at brother dear, and never could one brain overpower the other.

Robert and Filo began their rounds, sidling up to the dining table, to the left of each guest of course, Robert providing the dustpan and Filo the smallish broom with which he’d capture the waste particles left on the royal tablecloth. The King’s Whiskers, they’d been titled, and never had they missed a single crumb between them.

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