Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Tree

The questions seemed innocuous enough. “If you were a tree” one asked, “would you be a happy tree or one smitten with clinical depression?” How else would I answer after all? How many happy trees have you met?

It was a new thing, they’d said; testing the personalities of the entire populous would benefit America in so many ways, they’d postured. “Why within the first decade of a child’s life we will have enough information from them to determine an education and career path, thus creating a huge advantage in the command of global markets!”

Making the testing retroactive was a late idea. It hadn’t made sense to test people well established in life if the reasoning behind the idea was to develop a direction for each citizen before they’d had time to sample the fruits of freedom. We fought its passage, but lost of course. And so, here I am in a Reconsiderance facility, my thought patterns deciphered, my grey matter modification about to begin. Perhaps I should have answered “Happy Tree!”

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