Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the Year 2525

You’d think a hard slap would be punishment enough, but then she embarked on a speech.

“As it is clearly stated in article 6 of the California Code of Sexual Crime Justice, “A ‘Signal’ is merely an enticement to another to ‘pay attention to me’. It shall in no way amount to an offer of sex, a request for sex, or a seduction of any sort. If one delivers a ‘signal’, the person signaled has no right to physically act on that maneuver beyond turning his or her head in order to more comprehensively pay homage.”

“But” I argued, “you gave me a cue! I’m sure of it! And in the same section, subsection pp it says ‘a cue on the other hand is an invitation to sex and may be responded to in a physical manner.”

“Well you interpreted wrong buster” she replied. “It was definitely a signal. Now hit the road before I call the Flirt police!”

I left the pub, swearing off dating for the last time.

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