Monday, November 26, 2012

Johnny Rubio, Heart Puppeteer

For the prompt: "I've got you under my skin"

They say within every sociopath is an explosive genius going nova. Ok, that’s what I say, but mostly because it describes me to a “t”. You’ve no idea what intellect it took, what brilliant mathematical skills it required to not only create the world’s first miniaturization machine that would work on living beings without killing them altogether, and to manufacture the world’s first one man fully powered, oxygen recirculating body submarine, but to line up my trajectory in such a way that once using the machine on myself I would end up squarely on the tip of a single thumbtack while the Minimearator would stay hidden in plain sight across the room!

Beyond that, think of the astounding knowledge in psychology I possess, to know exactly what to write in a “you can’t leave me, I will be with you forever” letter to get my girlfriend Eva to slam her fist down on her desk (she’s so predictable) right on top of the perfectly placed tack!

Now, I was under her skin and moving through the fatty layers toward the nearest vein. From there it would only be a short swim to her pump organ where I will manipulate her heartstrings until she loves me!

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