Sunday, November 11, 2012

Of Origami Pachyderms

Behold the mighty battle twixt the massive and the mule
Where one is nearly sound asleep, the other, quite a tool
They thrash it out before a crowd, the language takes a licking
Their Teflon armor does its part; the truth is kept from sticking

A second match, combatants meet to wrangle with domestics
The donkey comes prepared this time, his discourse is majestic
The carnage is distributed, but mostly to the masses
The gladiators fill the room with hyperbolic gasses

A third debate! An offshore chat of cabbages and kings
Of terrorism play by play and bomblets bearing wings
The middlewoman takes her shot at nailing down one fact
The heavy’s folk bemoan the slight, “Our Leader was Attacked!”

And so the combat ended, all was left to public whim
The people gathered to their causes, dispositions grim
Now in the end the Donkey won, the others’ hopes were vapor
Because it seems that all along, their elephant was paper

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