Saturday, November 24, 2012

Round Trip to Infinity

The light was brilliant, a pinprick at first and then growing as if an iris dilating. There was movement within, shadows darting, fingers pointing. Voices called to me, first my mother’s, then a few more and a few more until there was a great cacophony of shouting and pleading and wailing as well.

I dearly wanted to advance, to meld with this sun, but I could feel myself pulling away. I screamed. I had no control, I was slipping backward. The voices were getting louder, the light, dimmer. Suddenly the tunnel vanished and my eyes shot open to be welcomed by a scene of gristle and bone and blood. My own of course, my life shattered into a million shards, my destiny remade by the wishes of one zealot in a small market in a country I’d not even known the name of before the day I’d enlisted.

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