Monday, November 12, 2012

Size Does Indeed Matter

 For the prompt: Battery life

“I don’t like it”, Mary said, her eyes sparking an angry blue.

“I’m sorry honey”, Bill replied, “there’s nothing I can do about it. As I’ve told you a hundred times, I was assigned. It’s my size dear, I was born for certain tasks.’

“But you could be a torch!” Mary was shouting now. She knew it was a fight she couldn’t win, but as a niner, she didn’t have the capacity to hold it in. “I’m sure there’s a music device that could use you!”

“Every other job has been miniaturized sweetest, there’s just not that many services a C class guy like me can perform. I know it’s distasteful, but thank your anodes this particular device’s size is regulated by the size of its end user! It’s about the only gadget I can think of that were it made much smaller, it would have no real purpose! And everyone needs a job my love!”

Mary understood. It was just, just so damned annoying. “Alright dear, go to work. I’ll have the trickle charger ready when you get home.”

Bill gave his cute little 9 volt wife a kiss goodbye, jumped out of their packaging and rolled across the nightstand and to his employer’s door. “Hey Harry” he said as his partner squeezed inside the module first. “How’s it goin Bill” Harry replied; “ready to have your electrolyte turned to butter?”

“Har de har” Bill said as he followed Harry, slipping himself into the ‘Magic Rabbit” vibrator and twisting shut the lid from the inside.

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