Monday, November 5, 2012

Square Peg Power

 To the prompt: Natural selection

 That I was last to be picked never surprised me really. I was odd I suppose, quiet, defensive, too serious, prone to upset and pout when I didn’t live up to my own expectations, and that was most every day. I’d called all the guys my friends, but they were just acquaintances, our ties only geographic. In fact I’d not have bothered to show up at Linden Hills park at all save the fact that my mother would shoo me out doors all day and I had nowhere else to go where I might pretend that I was part of a whole and not simply a square peg in a world of round holes. Peter Linkie was the natural second to last selection, and I, right behind him, in spite of the fact that I could hit the ball hard enough to set it on fire.

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  1. I was always last to be picked too. I'd rather read a book anyway.