Monday, November 19, 2012

Subtly Spellbound

I knew she liked me, but that in itself was my bane. All the girls liked me. I was the lord high protector, the ear for their troubles, the grin for their tears. I was sugar daddy and big brother, teacher, lender, teddy bear. What I was not though it seemed was a prospective mate. “Why waste all that good guyness with a relationship” I had to guess. I just wasn’t dangerous enough.

I’d tried to learn to be cruel, but it made me feel too guilty so I had to stop. I was too gangly to dance, too geeky to party properly and booze generally made me either cry or puke. I needed a hook if I were ever going to get beyond random humping and hoping for more. That’s when I developed my craft.

My breath was held as not to miss

a moment of your whispered sound
I lay one soft, imagined kiss
that spell now cast; your soul now bound


I turned to witchcraft…

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