Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Judicious Procrastinator

I’d meant to confront her. You see I’d known about her dalliances for some months. It was true I ran with a less than savory crowd at times, but that fact did afford me a certain insight into the comings and goings of anyone I wished to study, and when it was my own wife I was interested in, I found even the regular fees charged me for information had been waived.

I’d meant to be kind, to try and understand, to work at forgiveness, to do proper penance for what surely would be my faults that had driven her to adultery. But I’d waited too long. Before I’d been able to beg her indulgence she belligerently announced her being pregnant with a lover’s child.

Had I been angry beforehand, I might have forced her into prison or perhaps, exile. Truly, I’d only wanted her love, but she’d assumed I would never be compassionate and offered me only arrogant scorn. So I had her beheaded instead.

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