Friday, November 16, 2012

To Whom It May Pertain

I cannot touch you as it is, for truth is in my vow
I cannot kiss your warm, sweet hands, nor brush your silken brow
I cannot e’er take bed with you and light your inner fires
nor can I offer everything, as ritual requires

But I can say with all my heart I love you as my own
and wish that I were there that you might never walk alone
It’s little that I tender, just a few well chosen words
and yet I spend them gratefully in hopes they will be heard

We cannot have a future as my future has been spent
We cannot nestle by a stream, there will be no event
We cannot run away one day and dance about the moon
but I can sing this song to you, this promissory tune

I pledge to love you always, with a shoulder or an ear
I pledge to give you comfort, when you call I will draw near
I swear I’ll always tell you true, and never break your heart
I love you dear my bonny lass, as best I can, apart

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