Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Inside Job

“Who did this!” I shouted, hoping he’d open his blackened eyes and answer me. My best friend in all the world had apparently been the target in a brawl.

“Aww, it was nothing”, he said, sniffing back the ooze in his bleeding nose.

“Look pal” I said insistently, “there’s no cause for this. I’ve kept a close eye on you. There’s been no strutting, no pompous posing, no know it allitness. In fact you’ve been damned tame for quite some time now. Yea, tame. Almost invisible I’d say. So who the hell found reason to kick your butt?”

“Hey” Ego protested while puffing up his chest, no doubt causing his great pain due to the obviously bruised ribs, “He didn’t kick my butt! I kicked his! I was just takin’ a little break is all, before I go kick it again!”

“Yea sure bud. Nice try. Now who was it, or should I ask, who’s butt did you kick?”

“That’s better. Alright, now that you speak the truth I’ll tell ya. It was… Self Pity. There, I said it.”

I’d figured as much, but Ego’s a little fragile, at least in my neighborhood, so you never know; he might have just fallen off a freaking wall like that Humpty character.

“K” I said, “you stay here and I’ll be right back to pick you up. Self Pity’s got some whoopass comin’and I’m gonna be the one to show him his place.”

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