Saturday, December 8, 2012

Baby, I'm a Vex Machine

“What does it do!” Jimmy was on me from the moment I unveiled my science project.

“It’s a robot” I said, “can’t you see any better than you can wipe your nose?”

“But, what’s it dooo”. He was using that whiny voice. The one he made louder and louder until everyone was looking at him. The one he used when he wanted to make fun of someone, make fun of me, no, humiliate me.

It was just a robot. It whirred and turned around and its jaw opened up and it made sounds like “arr” and “ghh” and stuff. It wasn’t like Jimmy’s mock up of the entire freaking universe with paper mache planets and marshmallow moons. My dad didn’t have time or the money to make my science project better than anyone else’s like Jimmy’s did. Mine was just a robot.

“What’s it doooooo!” Jimmy was on the chair now, pointing at me and laughing. I grabbed the robot and jumped as high as I could, whacking him on the head with it and knocking him clear off the chair and onto the floor where he lay unconscious.

“It’s a flying pest exterminator” I said as I wandered off to await my punishment.


  1. :-D

    Funny - especially when I have to prove I am not a robot to leave this comment!