Saturday, December 22, 2012

Danse Cloudimalia

First, fire up your computer, then, step outside.
If it’s a partly cloudy day, find 5 cloudimals and identify their species’.
Close your eyes, and imagine those animals in a circus with yourself as the Leprechaun animal trainer.
If one is a crocodile, make sure you’re not lunch. If one of them is a dragon, make sure it breathes in the opposite direction.
Holding that thought, step back indoors and make your way to the Whine Cellar.
Place your fingers on the keyboard and type ten times “They’re magically delicious”.
Now, make your animals do tricks within the periphery of your mind's eye while you write the first things that come to your mind.

My wife looked concerned. “Honey, I found this list on your desk. 'Making dragons breathe downwind?' What is this thing?”

“Oh it’s just my writing checklist.”

“Really. Does it have a title?”

“I call it “The Method to my Madness.”

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