Thursday, December 27, 2012

Esmerelda's Child

The shell cracked ever so slightly. Desiree’ leaped to her feet, turned around and studied the fragile stone. A single, tiny claw had punctured the obstruction. Des touched her finger to it and willed the child-beast to continue in spite of its fatigue.

Another claw pierced the shale, and then another. The kind witch closed her eyes and began to softly sing.

Come little Dragon, don’t you fear
break through the bonds of your birthing sphere

A noise came from the shell; something between a growl and a whine. Then suddenly the crust burst into a hundred shards and the fist sized dragon whelp bobbled before her. It walked unsteadily toward Des, and once reaching her, lay its tiny head on her arm and began to purr.

“Oh I’m not your mother sweet thing. I’m afraid your mother met a sad end. But I shall care for you as she would have, until you might make your way.”

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