Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If Thine Metaphor Offend Thee (An Epic Quatrain)

There once was a boy who could write like the wind but one morning the wind came to tell him to stop as he didn’t like having his image besmirched by a boy and his metaphor boast
The boy, eager to please said “I’m sorry dear wind” and he wrote slightly slower like swift running water but water came shouting to cease and desist so the boy flipped his speed switch to coast
Of course at that pace it was moments before a green turtle walked up and demanded the boy scribble faster or suffer the wrath of a reptile who loves to bite fingers and toes
So off the boy went and he wrote as he ran a whole bevy of words without once using metaphors (slightly deferring to wind and to water and turtles) and finished his prose

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