Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recipe for Success

From his menagerie God plucked a Jew, and then an Arab and dropped them into his giant bowl. Reaching across a slender body of water he snatched an Indian and then a Pakistani and tossed them in as well. He added a Chinese and Tibetan, a Russian and Chechen, a white guy, a black one, a Mexican policeman and a Sinaloa Cartel drug lord, two Americans and a pair of radical Islamists, a homo, a hetro, a chick with green hair and a Swedish princess. Dozens upon dozens of humans were plopped into the bowl before God was finally sure he had one of each flavor. Then…

he turned on the super size Kitchen Aid Mixer the Holy Spirit had bought him for Father's day, and lowered the blades into the bowl before hitting blend. “Ok kids” He said, “this is gonna sting a little, but you asked for it.”

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