Sunday, December 23, 2012

She Comes in Colors

I hadn't written anything for what seemed like a decade. Some might call it writer's block, but I wasn't blocking anything... there was just nothing in my neck topping, air filled bowling ball to get me started on some winding path to whoknowswhereville. I once had been blessed with a bevy of muses, but they'd all taken some sort of hiatus. Just as I had decided that my writing life was over for all intents, I heard a knock at my door.

She sauntered in and took a place on my shoulder as if she’d never left, without so much as a “nice to see you again.”

“Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for a month of Sundays!”

“It’s more like six weeks from Sunday if you wanna be accurate and use a cliché at the same time” she said, looking askance and sticking her cute little nose in the air like she always did when she felt wronged. “A girl’s gotta have some fun ya know; I was out with my sisters doing a worldwide tour of our new dancing show Daydreams and Musebeams! You shoulda seen it! Merry Muse does a Hippity hoppity jig she calls Fergie does Flately and Mescaline Muse imitates Stevie Nicks running around the stage with a see-through shawl, waving it like she’s in a fairy parade!”

“And you? What do you do in this performance?”

“I exude!”


“Exude! You know… emanate, radiate, ooze, flow, secrete….”

“Yea yea, I know what exude means silly. Just what do you exude?”

“Inspiration mostly. A little creative juice, some confidence, a sprig of wafting humor, a few random concepts in need of a good fleshing out. You know, artist stew!”

“So why are you here then if you were havin so much fun?”

“I missed you.”


“Ya old lug…”

“Prove it baby. Gimme something.”

“Well, you’re in luck! I just happen to have a great idea here in my pouch! If you just close your eyes I’ll sprinkle the dust on you and the daydream will begin!”

“This better be good. I haven’t written anything worthwhile since my heart attack, fans are falling away in droves.”

“I can’t guarantee its goodness my love, but I can guarantee it’s ours and ours alone, and that’s good all by itself don’t you think?”

“Damn it! I hate when you do that! I want to be mad at you for leaving me like that!”

“You will love me forever mister. And I didn’t leave, I just gave us a vacation. Now shuttup and close your eyes, we have textual weirdnesses to imagine!”

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