Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Rise of Symbolina

He was quickly becoming famous, and everyone wanted a piece of his pie. Falsetto singing, guitar slamming, pretty boy black guys poured into my studio like strawberries into a jam jar. Everyone had the next big hit, and only needed this one break to catch the rising star. Could I just give them a few hours of studio time they’d ask. No, don’t have no money but when I make it I’ll be sure to reward you big time.

They all knew each other, most of them classmates in Central High School though spread out amongst five years of graduating classes. When Prince hit the national stage, everyone who’d ever stood within five feet of His Oddness thought the magic must surely have rubbed off.


  1. It must have been good to know you helped, though.

  2. Actually, one made it to the big time, and in the process forgot I'd ever been involved. It would have been a small thing to at least pay fro the materials we expended on his behalf, but he couldn't be bothered. I was only too happy to see his career come crashing down with charges of sexual battery against a groupie. Sad for the woman obviously, but the conviction couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.