Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Short Answer

“They tell me you’re the meanest highwayman that’s ever lived! They tell me you’re a legend in these parts!”

“That’s so” said one of the very large brute’s henchmen. “Dollop sometimes crushes a man’s skull with only his bare hands!”

“Yes” said another, “and then he hunts down the man’s wife to rape her, and his children sose to roast them on a spit and eat them all slow like!”

Dollop grinned, and then spat some foul looking goo from his blubbery lips. “And who might be askin’ stranger? Who wants to know about old Dollop?”

“The King’s justice if you please sir. If you’d kindly turn around so I might tie your hands and walk you to yon caged cart I would be most grateful.”

Dollop laughed as did his four men. Then, he screamed out some foreign curse as he raised an enormous cudgel over his head and leaned in to strike his opponent. But before the arc of the weapon had crossed his head, an arrow with bright green feathers swept through the ruffian’s throat, removing his Adam’s apple and attaching it to a nearby tree. As Dollop plopped to the ground, Bragi turned to his cohorts and said “Let that be a lesson boys. Never bring a club to a bow fight.”

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