Monday, December 10, 2012

To Be a Man in Hornswaggle Holler

 To the prompt: "Factory"

"C’mon momma, we’re gonna be late” Billy called out as he scanned through “The History of the Vikings from 700 to 1000AD” one last time.

“Oh hold yer pants on sonny” she called back. A moment later she skipped down the stairs and into the foyer where Billy was waiting in his Sunday suit. “Well ‘aint you the spiffy one” she said as her eyes grew wide and she smiled bigger than a barn door with a broken hinge; “I’m so proud of my big boy I could bust!”

“Oh momma” Billy groaned as he ushered his mother out the door and toward the family sedan, “I aint no boy no more, and tonight you and everyone else in the valley’s gonna know that!”

As they drove Billy repeated all his sums under his breath. No one would slip one by him, if they was wrong, he’d be right there to set em right. And, he was armed for bear too, what with all the dates and times he had in his head, all the fascinating trivia he’d memorized. Let Juju Hornswaggle go on about his ‘how pigs breed’ knowledge, Billy knew important stuff from what the real Crocodile Dundee’s name was to the cultural customs of all the peoples of the world during the time of Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark!

“So Billy,” said his momma excitedly, ”how’s it feel to be goin to yer first Hornswaggle Hollow Factoree?”

“Feels real good momma” Billy said as he mumbled the date of the signing of the Magna Carta; “yup, real good!”

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