Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Major Misconception


Ferdie was shouting at me at the most inappropriate time. The battle was just beginning, the enemy rush was incoming and I was standing behind the wooden battlement getting my last breath in before the bloodletting explosion.


I couldn’t imagine what he might have meant, only that there was something wrong with my ear. I batted at the one closest to him with my left gauntleted hand. I felt nothing but the thwack, no large insect flew off, I was definitely not deaf.

“WHAT?” I shouted as I turned toward him. His eyes were wide, he was rushing toward me.


That’s when the spear slipped through the logs that made up our quickly built barricade, driving right through my chest, puncturing a lung and leaving me hanging in mid air to die. It was my fault truly. I’d forgotten, Ferdie couldn’t pronounce either S’s or P’s.

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