Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Flight

A little picture prompt...

All my life I'd dreamed that I could fly, that I was specially endowed, or maybe just privy to some secret that no one else knew. Yea, dreamed; I never actually believed it. Once I was awake the whole thing seemed so silly to me; almost embarrassing, even though I never spoke of it.

Then one day I was walking in this field near Lake Phalen and I saw this girl crying and I walked to a spot nearby and offered to lend an ear, from a distance of course, so as not to scare her. She looked up and smiled, and then she said "that's very nice of you" and I said " not really; you know, it's just do unto others and if I was as sad as you I'd like someone to offer to comfort me."

Well then she stood up and cocked her head like she was listening to something for a minute and I strained to hear what it was but all I heard was the breeze moving through the heather. Then she looked straight into my eyes and said "I bet you dream about flying like I do".

Yea, weird, just like that. Sure it was a little creepy and I got goosebumps and all, but she was so pretty and her voice was so calm and her smile was so, you know, gentle, like my mom's when she was alive. So I just answered her without asking how she knew. I just said "yea, all the time, and in my dreams I actually do fly, sometimes by flapping my arms and sometimes I just kinda will it you know? Like I just think 'fly' and up I go, always slow and steady like I'm in no big hurry."

I half expected her to laugh. She had to think I was some kind of idiot or like a little kid or something. But she didn't laugh. She walked over to me and reached out her hand and once I'd taken it she gripped it real tight and said "close your eyes and think about raising yourself off the ground."

Well yea, my heart was beating a mile a minute and it was hard to concentrate what with her touching me and all but I did think as hard as I could about levitating like she said and then she said "fly with me" and I said "sure" like some dolt.

"Open your eyes" she said, so I did and wow, we were actually both floating in midair. I should have been scared shitless but the second I started thinking that she said "look at me" so I did and I calmed down right away. She said "cmon" and she bobbed her head over her shoulder like she wanted us to go that way and I nodded because it seemed like the only answer to have and we started moving forward. It was the coolest feeling, I almost wet my pants right there but I diidn't. I was flying. I was flying! Oh my God, I WAS FLYING!

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  1. *claps*

    Very nice. I have a fondness for this one, as I always believed I could fly, too. :)