Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fresh Out of Non Sense

“I’d like some Atypical Sense please!”

“I’m sorry sir, all we have left is Common Sense.”

“Have I come to the wrong place? Is this the Conscious Awareness boutique?”

“It is sir, but I’m afraid we had a run on Atypical Sense this afternoon and the shelves are empty at the moment. Might I interest you in a nice selection of Common Sense?”

“No, I’m not really interested in that. How about a box of Elitist Comprehension?”

“Sorry, we were bought out last night.”

“Impractical Judgement?”

“Sold the last box an hour ago.”

“Mildly Skewed Interpretation?”

“On order, sorry.”

“What exactly is the problem here? It seems you have nothing uncommon for sale!”

“I do apologize sir. You see there’s a tea party convention in town this week and they near bought me out, though it seems Common Sense doesn’t suit their agenda…”

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