Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hearing the World through Rose Colored Earplugs

It was a meeting with the boss. He’d said he was looking to me for ideas, that he liked my attitude, that he thought we’d make a great team. I’d bought the speech, so I came to the table with my reality rather than my best song and dance.

"We should be doing more interfacing with the people who listen to us", I said. "Radio should not be only a business, but a public service device, a force for greater good. There is no reason we can’t do the right thing and still make money", I offered.

I gave him my best shot over the country club lunch he’d so graciously paid for. I offered him all the free time he’d need to get the ball rolling. He ended by telling me to relocate. "I was mistaken" he said; "you're not who I thought you were." Apparently he'd thought I was a sucker is born every minute vampire. So much for honesty being the best policy.

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