Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Gotcha Boomerang

What Dennis was doing was horribly self centered, and as his boss I hoped to change his direction without resorting to a penalty kick of sorts. He didn’t like the fact that our department had moved into the city from the main office in the burbs. The fact that it was a National Historic Register house didn’t move him; he had to drive further and that was all that mattered. So when he discovered there was a drug crimes halfway house in the neighborhood, he shouted the information from the rooftops, daily chatting up the female members of our media team, pushing them to fear their lot and demand a return to the office much closer to Dennis’ home.

“Listen” I said, “I know I can’t force you to do this, but I’d really appreciate it if you let this go. We’re not moving back for at least a year, we have a lease, so scaring the program coordinators won’t do anything but scare the coordinators.”

You’re right” he answered, “You can’t force me.” And then he grinned.

I’m sure he was fine with the rest of his tenure at the company being non working. We didn’t need him but I couldn’t fire him, so I just let him twist in the wind, alone and without duties, but obligated to show up on time and stay for his 40 hours. Sometimes nothing is all you have.

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