Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thief of Thrones

If I were now to make amends for all the things I’ve done
I could purge until I’m ninety and know then I’d just begun
One could hardly say a good boy found his way from mother’s womb
I’m the rotten apple of her eye, the ass in her assume

Oh the blackness, it surrounds my heart as white surrounds your rice
Why on Santa’s list it’s permanent, I’m naughty, never nice
When I’m faced by daily choosing I choose evil every time
If I liked it, it was nasty, if I loved it, ‘twas a crime!

Oh I’m dancin’ on the devil’s grave cuz Satan ‘aint to home
he is messin’ with some dressed up guy who hangs around in Rome
In the meantime I’m his adjutant, his substitute depraved
I’m the thief of thrones, the dirty dog, the badly misbehaved!

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