Sunday, January 13, 2013

Who Sang It

To hear a song in first release
its sound pulling the nerves right through your skin
its words offering wisdom you've always known 
in spite of never having seen.
what could be more thrilling
unless it's accompanied
by that amazed stare into another's eyes;
another who understands
another who's heart is also beating time
in time
with your own

Who cares who wrote it
who sang it
who sold it
that knowledge adds nothing to the raw experience:
the contact with kindred
the proof that we are not so different after all
and not as alone as we choose to think

share with me
your voice
your pen
your tears
your love...
or with your eyes alone
let's watch the sun rise together
without worrying about who made it
who owns it
who to thank for it

let's share this moment
just because we can
everything else is just stuff

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